All you need to know about free casinos and spins

Online casino gaming is fast gaining traction as the modern-era means of playing stakes and courting luck. With the advent of online gaming, many traditional casinos are now able to serve a larger population that extends beyond their geographical location.

The online craze has also made it easier for new gaming houses to set up shop (think the huge cost of putting up a brick and mortar structure waived). Many of these outlets – both new and old- are now able to operate even in areas where they don’t have a physical presence.

But, like with anything online, gamblers have an apprehension when they first come across an online casino. The absence of a physical contact makes them have second thoughts about placing their money in these betting sites.

For this reason alone, many online casinos sign up gamblers for free and even offer bonuses and free spins to entice them. What a great benefit of fear! Some brick and mortar casinos also offer free spins at some point during games, but the offers are much more frequent and lucrative in online casinos.

Which Casinos offer free sign-up?

Here are some reliable casinos that do not require you to pay anything at the door:

  • 777 CASINO
  • Net Ent
  • SlotsUp
  • CasinoBonus2

These are just a few of the casinos that will let you sign up for free; the internet is full of similar gambling sites. All they require you to fulfill is the minimum age restriction set for gambling in your area.

When checking out these casinos, the safety of the site is a key guiding factor. Sites with a ‘https’ at the beginning of the address are safer than those with a plain ‘http’ address. The ‘s’ signifies that the site is secure, meaning that your important credit card details cannot be easily stolen.

The ‘s’ is acquired by submitting a site for review and paying for an authentication certificate. Surely, a serious gambling website should be able to acquire this, aye? The site design should also tell you a lot about the house. A neat and easy-to-navigate site shows dedication to quality while a shoddy website tells quite a different story.

All the above-named sites will offer you free spins in a good number of games. The free spins can earn you actual money at some point, although at their early stages they are meant to give newcomers a chance to familiarize themselves with the site.

How genuine are free spins?

Contrary to popular belief, free spins offer you as much chance of winning as paid spins. Slot machines have, for the longevity of gambling, been hailed as the hardest-to-manipulate gambling platforms. What you should keep an eye on for is the terms that gambling houses offer for free spins. Like bonuses, for example, some houses may demand that winnings from free spins have to be used to place further bets.

It is important to always find the catch, not just for free spins, but for any excessively juicy offers made by casinos.