Best VPN Services

Finding a great VPN service is not easy. There are hundreds of options out there, that is why we have composed a list of the best VPN providers out there. These providers have been vetted to work in the Online Casino world.

Best VPN Services October 2018

Updated 2018.10.02 10:02


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Importance of VPN Especially For Online Casino Players

Mid-2018 will be remembered as the period when there was a great surge in pop-ups regarding updates in the cookie and privacy policies on most websites. For those who could not make head or tail of the frequent notifications, it was a rush by web content providers to align themselves with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that took effect in Europe towards the end of May.

Many people will feel safer now that they have a greater degree of control over how their private information is used. But do they, in reality, have this control?

The answer is no in most cases. Just try to find out by a show of hands in a crowded room how many people took the pains of reading the updated policies on different sites. You will unsurprisingly realize that most people just clicked ‘accept’ without delving into the details.

Now, an experienced person on the interwebs will tell you it is not safe to go about sharing your details online. You are as exposed as you were when you first learned about the internet.

What to do now, you ask?

Well, that is the point where the salvation of a VPN comes in!

A VPN (Virtual Private Network)is an online service that allows people to send and receive data anonymously over the internet. It allows users to keep their location secret as well as deny third-party access to personal information. The general concept of VPN has more details – with terms like private and public networks- but it all revolves around this explanation.

When VPN was first conceptualized, it was meant to help institutions transfer data between locations far apart without running the risk of interception during the process. Special access methods like passwords and fingerprints were used to ensure only authorized individuals were able to access certain information.

The practice then spread even to individual web users as the need for privacy rose. Today, being on the internet without a VPN is one of the dumbest things you can do.

How a VPN can help you

Privacy. Privacy. Privacy. At every turn, you should keep in mind that most online ventures do not guard your data as they try to make you believe. They also have a non-liability clause where the l lies – in the details of that privacy or cookie policy which you never bother to read. The recent reports of a social media giant allegedly not protecting its user’s private data as it has promised reached even those living under a rock, aye?

The safest thing to do is deny these outlets any access to your private data. This is essential to help you protect yourself from those nagging ads. It is even more crucial for people who give their financial details on the web- online casino gamers fall into this category. If you are an online casino punter, a VPN service is a need, not a want.

Where to get VPN services

There are two types of VPN services- free and premium. Like all things online, it is assumed that premium offers are automatically the best. You will be pleased to learn that most free VPN services are just as good as the paid ones.

Popular VPN services include Express, Nord, Hotspot Shield, and TunnelBear. All of these and many more can be found through a simple web search.