Best Bitcoin Casinos October 2018

Bitcoin Casinos is the new craze in the Crypto Currency world. New Casinos are popping up everyday and it grows in popularity by the minute. has you covered with the best casinos out there when gambling with Bitcoin.

Best Bitcoin Casino Bonuses October 2018

Updated 2018.10.02 10:02


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Facts to Know About Bitcoin Casinos

The only significant difference between bitcoin casinos and online casino is the currency that is used. Unlike traditional online casinos where national currencies might be used, bitcoins casinos only transact in bitcoins.  As bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies gain popularity, the use of bitcoins payment has increased in recent years. Unlike fiat transactions, which often take long due to the need for verifications, bitcoins are faster. This implies that the player can start placing their wagers as soon as the transaction is complete.

How Bitcoin Casinos Work

The basic operation of any bitcoin casino is similar to that of an online casino. This means that games played here are software based, where a random number generator often determines the outcomes. This software is inspected and approved by some licensing body to ensure that all transactions are random of fair. In the case of live dealer games in bitcoins, there is no significant difference in how land-based casinos work. From the looks of things, the only difference in the working of bitcoin casinos and their online counterparts is the currency used.

Why Bitcoin Casinos?

Let’s look at why people are choosing BitCOin casinos over other online casinos;

Secure Transactions

One of the main attractions towards bitcoin gambling is their security. This benefit not only appeals to players but the operators of online casinos. With cryptocurrency payments, it is impossible to commit mass credit fraud, unlike when using other digital payment methods. Players do not need to provide personal details to send bitcoin, and this dramatically reduces the risk of having their security compromised.

Ease of Withdrawal

Another attraction to bitcoins is their ease of withdrawal. This is attributed to the fact that they rely on the Blockchain Technology, and not a centralized authority. Unlike traditional online casinos, which take some time to process withdrawals, bitcoin casino players enjoy the luxury of moving their money fast.


Cryptocurrency transactions are way cheaper compared to other online payment methods. Both the casino and players transacting using bitcoins benefit significantly from negligible or no transactional costs. Reduced operational costs from the casino mean that players stand to benefits from higher payout percentages, and hefty playing bonuses.

Low House Edge

Bitcoins casinos are known for their low house edge. Traditional online casinos can have a significantly higher house edge, which could be as higher as 5%. This essentially means that the casino gets 5% of every bet you place. On the contrary, bitcoin casinos are known for their relatively lower house edge, which means that bitcoin casino players enjoy higher chances of winning.

Lucrative Cash-Back Incentives

Bitcoin casinos players enjoy decent bonuses thanks to their reduced operational costs. One of the main reasons behind this is reduced overheads from Visa, MasterCard, and other money transfer costs. It is common to find players enjoying up to 200% up as bonuses and other cash-back incentives.

Bitcoins has revolutionized and online gambling in many ways. Bitcoin payments offer many benefits to both the house and the player. There is a lot more to enjoy in bitcoin gambling, but this benefit can only be discovered by trying bitcoin gambling yourself.