Best VPN for Online Slots

VPN and Online slots are not as one might think. But more and more players are seeing the benefit of playing slot machines online at casinos abroad. But to be able to get into this market, you need a solid VPN provider. has the list for you.

Best VPN for Online Slots October 2018

Updated 2018.10.02 10:02


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Why VPN is No Longer an Option, But a Must-have When Playing Online Slots

VPN use is fast becoming the conventional way to exist on the internet and is a crucial part of online gambling.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here though. Let us take it step by step for the benefit of those who may still be in the dark.

What is VPN?

You really don’t need to feel useless if you find yourself asking yourself this question. The internet is a murky place; new terms and items will often go over your head, and that’s okay.

VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network. In the plainest meaning, ‘virtual’ here means ‘not real.’ So you exist in a public place as if you were in a private area. Simply put, VPN allows you to appear in a public place on the internet as if you were in your own private area.

Now, as you have already guessed, Using a VPN:

  • Guarantees your privacy, which in turn,
  • Guarantees your security

Why use a VPN when playing online slots?

Good question. Checking in and out of online casinos literally feels like the easiest stroll you can ever take. No obligations. You just win, collect your fortune and be on your way or get a kick in the boot and do the same thing, right?

Wrong. Remember you often give your financial details – credit card, account number e.t.c when signing up. In your head, these details are just a direction to where your jackpot will be deposited, right. Well, do not feel bad; we are ardent players and totally understand the thrill.

You should always make sure you protect your private data before the gambling thrill takes you over. Using a VPN is the simplest way to do this.

But isn’t the gambling house obliged to protect my details, you ask? Well, yes, it is a requirement by law, but it never hurts to protect yourself further. Just like you would get a bodyguard if you won the lottery despite the fact that you pay taxes to pay the police to protect you. Do you get the picture? Moreover, we can bet a million bucks you don’t read the entire Ts & Cs when signing up; are you game?

Besides safety and security, using a VPN also offers another major benefit.

Overcoming geo-restrictions

With a VPN, the internet cannot be able to tell where you are logging in and playing from. This offers a reprieve for game lovers in places where some websites are restricted by the authorities either because of the gambling regulations or because they are yet to establish themselves there.

With a VPN, you can go around this handicap and continue enjoying your favorite slots despite your location. We are not about going around breaking your jurisdiction’s laws; we are just stating what a VPN can do. Sometimes a gambler got to do what a gambler got to do, yes? Some regulators may, however, restrict access to VPN access, so this is in itself a gamble.

There are numerous VPN services online though, both for free and at a fee. If you are desperate to gain access, there are options at every turn.

Whatever you do, don’t play online slots without a VPN anymore.