Why use VPN when Using Bitcoin

The security of bitcoin transactions is paramount. Looking at how cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm, you can be sure the number of hacking or fraud attempts on bitcoin transactions is on the rise. It is for this reason that bitcoin investors are advised to invest in online privacy tools like VPN software.


No one knows what the future holds for cryptocurrency trading. Its volatile nature always attracts more question than answers. But since the sole objective of this article is not to look at the unpredictable nature of bitcoin transactions, but to look at the how bitcoin investors and traders can keep their investments safe from malicious parties – let’s stick to that.


Protecting Bitcoins

Anyone trading in crypto should invest in security. Contrary to the popular belief that crypto transactions are anonymous, you can trace the address used to send or receive bitcoins. This is a concern for traders living in countries where crypto trading is prohibited since their IP address can be easily used to reveal your identity.


Benefits of Protecting Your Bitcoins Using VPN

All Transaction Details Are Secured

One way of improving your security online is to use a VPN software. The VPN software masks your IP address, which means that your real IP address or personal details cannot be revealed to the destination side or intercepted, considering that all data sent is encrypted by VPN servers. Hackers employ different tricks like spying on public Wi-Fi or setting up free hotspots to lure people into connecting. This implies that a VPN is a must-have when accessing Free Wi-Fi, even at the coffee shop.


You Can Access Censored Content

Some jurisdictions, especially those that do not allow bitcoin trading, censor specific bitcoin-trading sites. If you are in such a position, a VPN software can potentially allow you to access content that is prohibited in your country. This could let you open a bitcoin account or an exchange that you might be restricted from using.


Dynamic IP

Another benefit of using VPNs in bitcoin transactions is that the software keeps moving your IP address. The ability to keep changing IP address goes a long way in enhancing your security when mining bitcoins. This makes it hard for anyone to target you as you can even change your virtual IP as the transaction is being carried out.



Looking at the benefits of using VPN and the effects of a security breach in your crypto transactions, the costs of using a decent VPN software should not scare you in any way. Spending a few dollars could mean enjoying a lot of other benefits like enhanced security, anonymity, and the convenience of bypassing internet filters set by your internet service provider.


There are many methods of securing your bitcoin transaction such as maintaining many bitcoin wallets and performing transactions from multiple servers. However, your safest bet to protect your bitcoin transactions and other cryptocurrencies is to use a VPN. Not just any VPN, get recommendations from friends and other traders on the best VPN for bitcoin trading.